Oscar The Grouch 🗑️

04.28.2024, Sunday: I wonder if I can make Oscar the Grouch. I’ve been wanting to make Big Bird, but honestly I think making Oscar the Grouch would be so much fun. I can just imagine, while making it, how I’ll make the faces trying to imagine how they feel and how I’m trying to make that face appear. It’s a thing I find that I do a lot. I can’t see it, but I know I’m doing it.

Wondering if I can incorporate Slimey as well. 🤔

One thing I must do is figure out how many fingers he has. It looks to be 4 per hand. Might be a great excuse to run on over to the Museum of Moving Image and spend a day just enjoying the puppets. Last time I was there I found this awesome sketch:

This image reproduction notes that it’s from 1969 ‘Design drawing for Oscar the Grouch puppet‘ – pretty sweet.

Will have to sketch how I want the trash to be and also consider size waaay before I start since this will go to my tiny NYC home.